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ANCOM: More than 8 million telephone numbers have been ported



During the 13 years since the launch of the number portability service - when users were enabled to choose the best offer for their consumption needs while keeping the existing telephone numbers - more than 8 million numbers have switched networks in Romania. In 2021, so far almost 850,000 telephone numbers have been ported, 95% of which are mobile telephony numbers.

13 years of portability

Since 21 October 2008, when number portability was launched, a total of 8,132,871 telephone numbers were ported, of which 7,176,619 mobile telephony numbers and 956,252 fixed telephony numbers.

Number portability in 2021 - statistics

From the beginning of 2021 until 15 October, 849,434 telephone numbers were ported, i.e. 804,890 mobile telephony numbers and 44,544 fixed telephony numbers.

During this period, 431,185 mobile telephony numbers were ported to RCS&RDS’ network, 113,141 to Orange, 108,850 to Vodafone, 77,630 to Telekom Romania Mobile Communications and 74,070 to Telekom Romania Communications.

Concerning fixed telephony, RCS&RDS acquired by porting 24,461 numbers, Vodafone 6,143, GTS Telekom 5,167, Orange 5,120 and Telekom Romania Communications 1,582 numbers.

Users’ complaints

In 2021, ANCOM received 191 complaints from the users, regarding the porting process. The main issues concerned failure to observe the deadlines in the porting process, porting cancellation or various technical issues.  

User information

The website enables the users to find the network of any telephone number used in Romania, whether ported or not. The website offers details on the steps to be taken when a user intends to port a telephone number, answers to frequently asked questions in case of porting a number, as well as advice for preventing possible problems in the porting process.