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ANCOM has launched public consultation on the national roadmap for the allotment and future use of the 470-790 MHz band



ANCOM has launched for public consultation the measure plan and the national timetable for the allotment of the 470-790 MHz frequency band together with the associated regulatory options, in the form of a national roadmap for the allotment and future use of the 470-790 MHz frequency band. "The Action Plan for the allotment of the 700 MHz frequency band is part of the forthcoming strategy for the allotment of frequency bands with a view to implementing the 5G technology that we want to develop and adopt by the end of this year. The ultimate goal is that the 5G tender be organized by the end of next year", declared Sorin Grindeanu, president of ANCOM.


The 700 MHz frequency band (694-790 MHz)

The 700 MHz frequency band is very important for providing universal coverage, especially in economically challenging areas, such as rural, mountainous or other remote areas. This frequency band is suitable for ensuring efficient coverage over wide areas as well as improved indoor coverage. The 700 MHz frequency band is suitable both for the roll-out and for improving the quality of mobile communications services offered by 4G technologies, as well as for the deployment of next-generation mobile communications technologies known as 5G or IMT-2020. The 700 MHz frequency band will enrich the radio spectrum resources below 1 GHz already used for the provision of broadband mobile communications services by LTE technology and will facilitate the deployment of 5G networks, along with the widespread introduction of innovative digital services.

ANCOM proposes to allot 2x30 MHz from the 700 MHz frequency band (the paired bands 703-733 MHz, 758-788 MHz) for the provision of technologically neutral mobile/fixed (MFCN) networks using FDD operation mode, and 15 MHz (738-753 MHz sub-band) for SDL MFCN through a competitive selection procedure for awarding frequency use rights, to ensure the use of those bands starting from 30 June 2020.

In pursuit of this goal, ANCOM also proposes a series of regulatory measures, actions and deadlines, and calls on all interested parties to express their views on these proposals.

Furthermore, the Authority proposes to allot a spectrum amount in the 700 MHz band for radio communications for public protection and disaster response (PPDR) as well, asking all stakeholders to express their opinions on how to best allot spectrum resources for this purpose.  


The 470-694 MHz frequency band

Although the trend at European level is to abandon the use of digital terrestrial television in the 694-790 MHz frequency band in favor of broadband communications, in accordance with European Parliament and Council Decision (EU) 2017/899, Member States are required to ensure the availability of the 470-694 MHz frequency band for the terrestrial provision of broadcasting services, at least until 2030.
Since the 470-694 MHz frequency band is used in Romania for digital terrestrial television, with licence validity varying between the years 2025 and 2027, the Authority asks for opinions on the intention to organise a tender for awarding licences for the available frequencies, to be valid until 2035.


Public consultation

The consultation has been launched in the context of the EU Member States’ obligation to adopt and publish, not later than 30 June 2018, their national plan and timetable (“national roadmap”), a document providing detailed measures for fulfilling their obligations as regards the allotment and use of the radio spectrum in the 470-790 MHz frequency band, in accordance with the provisions of the decision, upon consulting all the relevant stakeholders.

With a view to identifying the best allotment solution for the 470-790 MHz frequency band - especially of the 700 MHz band - ANCOM invites all stakeholders to express their views on the "National Roadmap for the Allotment and Future Use of the 470-790 MHz Band", based on which the Authority will ground the decision on spectrum management activities.

The interested persons are invited to read and fill in the questionnaire published here and submit their answers, by 22.06.2018, at the ANCOM headquarters (2 Delea Noua Street, Bucharest 3), or directly to the ANCOM Registry Office. Comments and suggestions may also be sent by fax to +40 372 845 402 or by e-mail to