The unique emergency number - 112

112 is the unique number for alerting the Police, the Fire Brigade, the Ambulance, the SMURD and the Gendarmerie, reachable from fixed and mobile telephones, free of charge.
Call 112 if you need emergency help from the Police, the Ambulance or the fire Brigade.
Do you have a serious heath problem?
Call 112 and the Ambulance service will be alerted.
Are you a witness or a victim of serious theft, robbery, violence or car accident?
Call 112 and the Police will be alerted immediately.
Has fire burst in your home or in any other place?
Call the Fire Brigade at 112.
When calling 112 you must specify:
- emergency nature;
- site of the event;
- your exact location;
- telephone number originating the call to the emergency number;
- your name.
You will be instantly connected to the emergency service you need.
The data you provide to the 112 operators shall remain confidential.
The 112 service receives emergency calls in the main international languages, as well. Foreign citizens in Romania may also call the European Emergency Number – 112.
Further information on the use of the single European emergency call number – 112 both in Romania and the EU is available on the dedicated website,, managed by the Special Telecommunications Service, respectively on the dedicated website of the European Union,