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Financing Resources for 112




“ANRCTI could provide additional financing resources for the 112 system, on the condition that a normative act is issued to amend the legal provisions in force regarding the financing of the National Unique System for Emergency Calls (SNUAU),” the ANRCTI President, Mr. Dan Georgescu, declared today, during a debate organised by the Mobile Communications magazine.


Following its merger with IGCTI, ANRCTI took over the obligation of financing the National Unique System for Emergency Calls (SNUAU). Meanwhile, the SNUAU operator, the Special Telecommunications Service (STS), announced that, due to the evolution of the Leu-Euro exchange rate in the past four years, the annual budget of the SNUAU, allocated in Euro, can no longer cover the costs of operating the system, as payments are made in Romanian currency. These funds cannot be supplemented unless a normative act is adopted to amend the existing legislation on the functioning and financing of the SNUAU.


The government draft ordinance, which ANRCTI has already passed in July 2007, also provides that the 112 system shall be fully financed from the state budget. Therefore, ANRCTI should redirect the amounts that are necessary for financing the 112 system to the state budget. “ANRCTI considers that SNUAU should be financed from the state budget, because it is a national interest service,”  Mr. Dan Georgescu added.


As regards the 112 caller location, having discussed with all the parties involved in the functioning of the National Unique System for Emergency Calls, respectively the Special Telecommunications Service, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the telephony operators, the ANRCTI President noticed their availability to solve the problem raised by the European Commission, in the shortest delay.