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The 3400-3600 MHz Bands To Be Used for Mobile Communications



“The participants in the World Radiocommunication Conference decided that the 3400 - 3600 Mhz bands, now used only for communications provided at fixed locations, shall be used for mobile communications, as well. In the following period, we shall analyze which is the most suitable method to expand the use of the frequency spectrum within these bands so that both operators and users could fully benefit from the possibilities offered by this decision”, Dan Georgescu, the President of ANRCTI, declared. Today, Dan Georgescu is attending the closing of the World Radiocommunications Conference, organised by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in Geneva, between October 22 and November 16, 2007.

The agenda of the conference in Geneva was very complex and diverse. Among the major topics approached, we mention the identification of new spectrum resources for future mobile communications, in particular for the broadband multimedia applications, the protection of the frequencies used by the services and devices for detecting natural disasters and the reduction of their effects, in order to ensure the best conditions for emergency communications, as well as the identification of the spectrum requirements for global satellite broadband systems that will ensure the Internet access in sparsely populated or uninhabited areas. The new spectrum assignments for modern radiocommunications systems and the review of the current assignments, as well as the update of the work procedures resulted in the review and update of the ITU Radiocommunications Regulation. 


Currently, in Romania, the 3400 - 3600 Mhz bands are used for fixed communications (Internet access), a large number of operators holding licences for national and local use.


Romania is a full member of ITU and is present in the ITU council. ANRCTI and MCTI implement the decisions issued by ITU.